One Grand Prize Winner will be a Brand Influencer!

Be hired as  our part-time  Brand Influencer  and a chance to earn up to $25,000 for a year by  sharing our posts 3-4 times a week on your social media pages.  
Winner Flies To Phoenix to Attend Jennifer Lopez's Concert in June with us!
You could win a trip to Phoenix AZ to hang  with our team in our private suite at the Talking Stick Arena during the Jennifer Lopez concert n June 16, 2019. Wanna go with us?

Ten Runner Ups Will Receive Our Premium Subscriptions for Three-Month!

Premium Subscription Winners receive 3-month subscription  to our career platform to help you find a new career.  Includes waived signup fee. Valued over $200 each.

Fifty Second Runner Ups 
Win Too!

50 Second Runner Up Winners will receive a Selfie Ring of Light for taking brighter videos and photos. 
Here's How You Can Win!
All Steps Must Be Followed In Order To Be Entered To Win!

Test our platform

 Register, test and give feedback about’s new career platform. You will be among those who get to preview our new career platform prior to our launch date this June.

 Fill out survey

Don't worry. Our survey is less than 8 questions about your experience on our platform.  
A survey will be emailed to you within one business day.  Be sure to keep an eye out for it!

 Share a post

Share a link to your social media pages accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and tag #vcandidates and #25000reasons.

You're automatically entered

Once you share a post regarding, your name and email will be are automatically entered into a random drawing.  On June 1, 2019, 10 randomly selected people will move to be interviewed in the next round.

 Important qualification rules

Must be a US resident or citizen. Must be 18 years of age to be considered. Must have legal identification. 

Random winner selected

You will have to fill out a profile on and have a phone interview to be seriously considered for this position. Once all ten have been screened one lucky candidate will be named by June 4, 2019. 

What Is
Seeing Is Believing. See How Our Career Platform Is Different.

Free To Test Our New Career Platform Designed By Recruiting Professionals for Candidates and Recruiters Only!

Candidates have more control of submission process!
No more using job search boards to find your next career opportunity. Vetted recruiting professionals are looking for you and can access your profile and present you with job opportunities based on what YOU are looking for.

SSHHHH! This is a Confidential Platform!

Search for your next career adventure without your company, managers and colleagues knowing. Scammers and people looking to build list with the information you list on your resume cannot access our site.

Get past the gatekeepers and directly in front of recruiting professionals!

As former recruiting professionals, we know how hard it can be to find good candidates. Our candidate subscription of $15 a month not only gets you in front of the right people and helps you have an edge above your competition with a better presentation of yourself and more than a resume. .
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  • To preview our Dashboard you must create a free profile.
  • Once you have completed you will be able to interact with our platform as if you were a candidate or recruiter. 
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  • Areas marked with the PRO banner will be accessible with a paid subscription. 
  • By creating an account you will be able to receive discounted rates on our subscriptions and automatically entered into our future  promotions and giveaways.
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Got Questions?
Our most FAQs are listed  below. Click Terms & Conditions for a full overview of this promotion. 

 Can I really earn $25,000 for a year?
Yes. We are taking this hiring opportunity very  seriously and you should too. This is a part-time paid position. You must be over 18 years old and a US resident to qualify and able to prove residency or citizenship. If you are committed to this role,  you will be compensated for each month you work at a rate of $2083.33 for resposting three of our social media posts each week and one video message on behalf of

If you fail to post each week and in a timely manner each a month the required postings you will not earn your wage and will be immediately dismissed from the position. If you are selected as the winner you will be a part-time 1099 consultant. You will be in charge of your own hours but must commit to post a minimum of 4 times a week to all of your social media outlets.
Will I be an employee of
If you are selected as the winner you will be a part-time 1099 consultant who is responsible for your own Federal and state tax filings. You will be in charge of your own hours but must commit to post a minimum of 4 times a week to all of your social media outlets.
What if I have my own followers and social media channels, can I participate in this giveway?
Yes, but those with paid followers will not qualify. Just keep in mind that you will not be qualified if your content includes nudity, profanity, or illegal activities.  Those with interesting lives and video messages ( yes, you will be able to post a video message in your profile). If you are selected as one of your ten semifinalist  your video message will be the perfect opportunity to showcase your personality and ability to influence.
What kind of video messages do I need to post?
Here is your time to shine! Our social media team create several funny meme messages each week. All you have to do is create a message talking about the theme, picture or saying in the meme, then upload and share to your video message. This will help you gain exposure as a brand influencer based one the number of likes and shares you get.
What if I can no longer do the position?

As with any job, you must give a two-week notice and continue the required posting during your two-week notice period. If you do so you will earn two-weeks pay equal to $1041.66.  If you immediately abandon the position you will not receive compensation. Proper notifiction is required.